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You are on THE page
The page that Andie has
Obviously without warning
Cuz this chick's a great big spaz
Her friends they all adore her
Her foes think she's a whore
But Andie doesn't give a fuck
Cuz she's so damn hardcore
..freestylin like a bitch! (yo)

Yes, I must admit, I don't know much, but I do know one thing. "That where you are is where i belong/I do know where you go is where i wanna be"...NOT REALLY! But I do know that I should stop focusing on the banner at the top of this page promoting Dave Matthews. Anyway, SIGN THE FRACKIN SLAMBOOK UNDER THE CONTACT ME SECTION!!! Or if you don't, "penalties will be created and enforced"...  you think I'm joking...


18 days till my b-day... wohhooooooooo! I'l finally be old enough to see rated R movies... is it really that big of a deal? ...yes... yes it is. i guess i haven't updated in a while... yeah... i despise the white stripes now. "seven nation army" is the most annoying song ever!!!! i'm not big on just about anything i used to be. i've been listening to a lot of NERD and Atmosphere, who I'll be seeing in November. oh yeah... do you suffer from EHS? i hope not. 
if i had one wish, i'd be getting ready to see the white stripes rite now... i'm getting out of the house for the first time in forever, tomorrow! this will be my first summer activity besides summer school. it should be fun and junk. and i better get to go to warped or i'll be pissed! ...seriously!
nathan pics are here!!!
guys are really dumb. they aren't nice, and they dress like they're in seventh grade, and they don't call you after you say sorry... o well.
Well, school is almost out of session. I'm gonna miss all of my seniors. I love you guys! (Except Ryan B. He is a fart knocker. I told you not to go here, but look what you've gone and made me do! BAWHAHAHAHAHA... ok.
I saw GLASSJAW!!!! THEY WERE AMAZING!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!! it was a while back, though... oh.
1-10-03 (New Layout? Oh yeah...)
Ok, so I did get to meet The Used, but we still didn't go to the show. Grrrrr! Two were nice, the other two didn't talk (including the lead singer). They were on Craig Kilbourn last night... Burt looked like a trainwreck... wonder if Kelly dumped him?
Happy F****** New Year... I was gonna go to a concert today, but my ride got grounded... I coulda met The Used!!!!!!!!! O well.
Yuck!!!!!!!!! Independence Day!!!!!!!!! It suuuuuuucks! I hate America!!!!!1 If you wanna know y, why don't you email me or something. I'd be glad to write you a few pages. Grrrrrr. I'm wearin my Bush-Not My President shirt. No one worth talking to is online...ohhh well. Today's been pritty sweet. I am thinking about becoming a vegetarian. It's gonna be hard, though. Heh. i'll miss eating dead carcasses (sp?) though.
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyy gaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwdddddddd!!! I had soooooooooooooo much fun at warped! Justin Sane looked at me!!!!!!!! I think he thought I was dumb. Well, I'm gonna be his dumb wife.... unless he's already married. Doubt it. Anyway. Click on Warped Tour '02 for more info on the bands I met, the pit I got dragged out of, and the fun I had!
Duuuuuuuude! warped is in one day! in 24 hours i will be rawking out to anti-flag, glassjaw, nofx, mighty mighty bosstones, thursday, and everyone else... my heart is pulsating (i would hope so...but more than usual. warped tour here we come, mothafukas! i'm going to find justin sane and hug him and not let go!
Should old aquaintance be forgot... and ya ya ya ya yaaaaaaa...
I don't know that song... happy new year. No time for being formal. I don't have to capitalize that. Whatever. I'm trying to write some poetry to add on the site, and maybe publish some of yours if you have some. I warn you, Pilar is a star on the rise, and don't you forget it. She writes some depressing shit. If, only she'd let me publish it!

Valentines Day...fuck.
Dude! I forgot I hadn't finished this page! haha. Usually I have a shit load of time on my hands, but lately... no. I've actually chosen the social route... yeah, i'm no longer grounded! Act V try outs are monday. I can act my ass off, but I doubt those ...people won't like me. Yeah, wollowing in self doubt is fun once you get the hang of it! Hey... i did make yearbook staff... Canadian rappers are funny.
FINALLY! RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC!!! you should be so lucky... don't forget to sign the slambook under the page marked Contact Me. I still don't have any poetry, but oh well, enjoy what you can!
What the hell? My dad is watching "blue daba dee daba da"... thank gawd he left, he was singing "where's your head@" before that. I was like "shut your word hole cracked one!" Anyway, how are my beautiful children, lately? me? Oh not as good as I could be, seeing as how I don't get to go to Warped this year, either. I am a debate goddess. I won four trophies...3rd:Best in Debate, 3rd: Most Potential, 3rd: Best Newcommer (shoulda been 1st!), and 2nd:Most Improved, I also got a plaque for being a kick ass treasurer who didn't do jack... what else... I'm now in the NFL... heh heh... National Forensic League...*cough* *crickets screech* ...I hate you.

"brushing your teeth is played out"- ryan gee (CkY)


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